Mass Effect 4: No More Shepard?


I love the Mass Effect games. The day my old PS3 died and I lost my saved games was heartbreaking (maybe I’m being over dramatic there), and it meant I didn’t get round to completing Mass Effect 3 for a while. But I’m playing through it right now, and loving every minute of it, and I decided to see if there is a Mass Effect 4 planned.

And there is. But according to the article I read on Eurogamer, there will be no more Shepard.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I liked the fact the Shepard I created in the first game could be carried into the next game, and choices I made in the first game could affect things in the third game. I’m a huge fan of the Dragon Age games, but I did find it a bit annoying that the character in the first game wasn’t in the second game, bar being mentioned in cut scenes. I liked the sense of my femShepard growing with each game.

On the other hand, a whole new character could add a new angle of the series, add more depth. I’d like to see the option of playing a species other than human, I liked that in Dragon Age 1 you could play as Human, Elf or Dwarf. As long as a few familiar faces show up in the game, I’m sure I’d be happy starting anew.

But would it be Mass Effect? The article seems to suggest that the new game would be set in the same universe, but with a new title. Guess we just have to wait and see.