Wreck it Ralph’s Hidden References

Over the weekend I took a break from The Last of Us to watch a movie. Even at ripe old age of 33 I have to admit I still love a good Disney movie, and I’d been wanting to see Wreck it Ralph for a while, so I finally got round to seeing it. I’d seen all the pictures of famous video game characters who made cameos in the film like Sonic, Ryu, Q-Bert etc, but I was happy to see something else in the back ground that made me squee. Namely this:


On the left of the picture, in all it’s glory it says ‘Aerith Lives’! Simple, but brilliant. Plus someone had written ‘Jenkins’ on the wall so I assume Leeroy is in the arcade somewhere 🙂

But this isn’t the first time I’ve seen cool stuff appearing in Disney movies. In Toy Story 3 Totoro made an appearance.


Now if the Catbus had made an appearance I’d have been well impressed!