It’s Been a Long Summer!

So it’s been a while since I posted here. As anyone who works in the Hospitality business knows, summer is pretty much the busiest time of year, and it certainly has been for us. But it’s September, and the schools have gone back so things have calmed down.

Other than work, not much has happened. Evening shifts have cut my Warcraft raiding down to one night a week, but I have discovered the joys of Animal Crossing: New Leaf on my 3DS. G doesn’t quite get why I’m enjoying a game where I raise money to pay off a home loan, too much like real life for him I think 🙂

There was also a new addition to our growing snake family; a Taiwainese Beauty Snake. This will be the last. Honest!



May The Fourth

I had meant to update this blog sooner, but I’ve been suffering from a back problem and haven’t been able to use my PC, so now I’m going to attempt using the iPad app.

Most do us geeks know about May 4th being Star Wars day (May the fourth be with you for those who don’t get it). And this year my boss actually agreed to celebrate it by having a fancy dress sci fi theme evening in the pub, which is just the kind of thing I’ve been waiting for! I love my job, and I love sci if, so it was a perfect blending of the two. The staff all dressed up, and so did some customers.

The band, Killer Bunny, was great, and the looks we got from people who came into the pub and didn’t have any clue what was going on we’re priceless!

So, pictures!

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