Farewell Matt, Hello…?

This will be a quick entry as I am on my honeymoon and am meant to be doing other things, not blogging. But I can’t keep it in any longer!

Matt Smith leaves Doctor Who in this years Christmas Special, and unless you are dead (or simply not a fan I guess) you’ll know there is a lot of speculation about who will replace him.


I will admit I was sceptical about Matt at first, but he proved to be a wonderful Doctor. Easily as good as David Tennant, and I adored Ten! So I am sad to see Eleven go. I know we have to 50th Anniversary Special to go, but I am gearing myself up for another heartrending regeneration scene (Tens had me sniffling).

So who will replace him? I’ve heard a few names thrown around: Damian Lewis, Idris Elba, Dame Helen Mirren. Who would I like to see? Well, I am not too sure, but I know who I don’t want to see. And sorry if this offends but I REALLY do not want a female Doctor. Somehow to me that would be too big a change, I can’t see it working. Also I’d prefer a lesser known actor to a big name. Damian Lewis and Idris Elba are great actors but with other commitments, and I’d prefer we didn’t have a repeat of when David Tennant went off to do Hamlet and we ended up with four ‘specials’ rather than a series. But you know, I’m easy, I am sure whoever they choose will bring something new and interesting to the role of the Doctor.

Mind you. There always one guy I wanted to see as the Doctor, starting back in the early 2000’s when rumours of a new series started. And yes, he’s aged and doesn’t look quite the same as when I first liked the idea, but I still think he could pull it off:


I think Eddie Izzard would be just great 🙂

One thing I will say though, I’d not be adverse to an older Doctor again. My favourite Doctor is the Fourth, I love the old series, and it does worry me that from now on all future Doctors will be young and good looking. There is more to the Doctor than that.


Defiance: Cool New Gimmick or Epic Fail?

So back in March I heard about this great new idea by the SyFy channel and Trion Worlds.  That idea was Defiance.  A TV show and an Online game linked together.  The idea is that what happens in the game affects the TV show, and character from the show will appear in game.  Sounds fun, right?  But does it work?

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