Farewell Matt, Hello…?

This will be a quick entry as I am on my honeymoon and am meant to be doing other things, not blogging. But I can’t keep it in any longer!

Matt Smith leaves Doctor Who in this years Christmas Special, and unless you are dead (or simply not a fan I guess) you’ll know there is a lot of speculation about who will replace him.


I will admit I was sceptical about Matt at first, but he proved to be a wonderful Doctor. Easily as good as David Tennant, and I adored Ten! So I am sad to see Eleven go. I know we have to 50th Anniversary Special to go, but I am gearing myself up for another heartrending regeneration scene (Tens had me sniffling).

So who will replace him? I’ve heard a few names thrown around: Damian Lewis, Idris Elba, Dame Helen Mirren. Who would I like to see? Well, I am not too sure, but I know who I don’t want to see. And sorry if this offends but I REALLY do not want a female Doctor. Somehow to me that would be too big a change, I can’t see it working. Also I’d prefer a lesser known actor to a big name. Damian Lewis and Idris Elba are great actors but with other commitments, and I’d prefer we didn’t have a repeat of when David Tennant went off to do Hamlet and we ended up with four ‘specials’ rather than a series. But you know, I’m easy, I am sure whoever they choose will bring something new and interesting to the role of the Doctor.

Mind you. There always one guy I wanted to see as the Doctor, starting back in the early 2000’s when rumours of a new series started. And yes, he’s aged and doesn’t look quite the same as when I first liked the idea, but I still think he could pull it off:


I think Eddie Izzard would be just great 🙂

One thing I will say though, I’d not be adverse to an older Doctor again. My favourite Doctor is the Fourth, I love the old series, and it does worry me that from now on all future Doctors will be young and good looking. There is more to the Doctor than that.