The Power of Love… My Vaguely Geeky Wedding

Now that I’m back at work and everything has settled down after the wedding I can concentrate on this blog a bit more.  And as my wedding is what has kept me from blogging, I feel that I should do a post about it!

Now being a wedding it wasn’t just my day, it was Graham’s too, so I couldn’t really turn it into a huge geekfest (not that I wanted to either).  But I did manage to satisfy my need for nerdy  it a major way in how I got to the venue.  Now some brides chose a horse drawn carriage or a Rolls Royce to get to their wedding.  I went for a classic car.  I went for….  A DeLorean.


I have been a fan of the Back to the Future movies for years, and it’s been a dream of mine to ride in a DeLorean at least once in my life.  So what better time to do so than to my wedding?  A quick web search turned up DeLorean Hire, and as luck would have it the date of my wedding was free.  Sadly only I could ride in the car, it being a two seater and all, so Graham had to make his own way there, but a bride can be a little selfish can’t she? 🙂  The car even had a Flux Capacitor in the back, and I got into the car to the BTTF sound track.  I was EPIC.

My wedding ceremony was at Ashton Memorial in Lancaster, which is a beautiful venue with professional and helpful staff.


Another thing I geeked up somewhat was the wedding playlist.  The guests entered to Aerith’s Theme and ‘Prelude’ from the Final Fantasy games taken from the Distant Worlds albums.  I entered to A Thousand Years by Christina Perri, which I debated long and hard about as I do love the song but it was used in Twilight: Breaking Dawn and I loathe Twilight with a passion.  After the ceremony we played Come What May by Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman and For Good from the Wicked soundtrack, showing my love for musicals, and Sleeping Sun by Nightwish and Memories by Within Temptation whilst the register was signed and we posed for photos.  Finally Graham and I left to Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with some pictures from the wedding!




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